Get on your bike and discover 68 km of cycling routes in Alsace! Mountain biking is not to be outdone, with a range of circuits for all levels to give you plenty of exercise.
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From Kintzheim, in the company of Laetitia Bleger, Jérôme Zindy - Committed traveller sets off for Orschwiller, home of the king of castles: the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle!

On to the town of Sélestat, with its Humanist Library, its Maison du Pain d'Alsace, and its trio of churches.

After a beautiful walk in the Ill*Wald, one of France's largest nature reserves, it's time to meet Patrick Unterstock, Le Batelier du Ried, in Muttersholtz, capital of biodiversity. what does he do? Calfat, or flat-bottomed boat builder. Patrick maintains an age-old heritage and know-how.

And what better way to end the day than with a visit to Ebersmunster and Scherwiller?

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