The Ill*Wald, regional nature reserve



With a surface area of approximately 2,000 hectares, this is one of France’s largest regional nature reserves, protecting a mosaic of landscapes covering an extensive alluvial forest, hay meadows and reed marshes. Life in the Ried, which is covered in a very dense network of rivers, is ruled by the waters. The winter flooding (resulting from a rise in the water table and the flooding of the river Ill) is a spectacular sight for those who enjoy taking unexpected photos. With the gull cries and the smell of tides, you could almost be looking out over the ocean. The diversity of the natural environments means that there is a great variety of plant and animal species. Beavers and Eurasian curlews are just two examples of the numerous inhabitants found in these environments. Moreover, it is not unusual for walkers straying from the path to come across a few wild fallow deer, as the are is home to the largest population in France.
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    The Ill*Wald, regional nature reserve

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