Are you looking for a bucolic spot to relax in the shade of a tree and enjoy a moment of peace and serenity? Or are you passionate about plants and botany?

With its many medieval gardens and a number of gardens that are not to be missed, the Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg region invites you to go green!
Colours, scents and plant heritage combine to create some surprising landscapes.

Discover some of our most beautiful gardens.

roses in the medieval Hortus Hypocras garden in Kintzheim

The "Hortus Hypocras" medieval garden in Kintzheim

Rue des Romains

This pretty walled garden, with its geometric trapezoidal shape, is a veritable open-air pharmacy.
On either side of the central pathway are several woven or natural plessis with a large number of aromatic and medicinal plants. Sage, fennel, St John's wort... these are just some of the beneficial treasures you'll find here.

The "Hortus Hypocras" garden in Kintzheim has been designed around the theme of hypocras, an ancient drink used as a remedy, which is why it is also known as the apothecary's garden. A small water fountain from the Carrières de Champenay sandstone quarry, benches and tables for relaxing, make up this bucolic landscape. A number of fruit trees are also available for tasting.

Open from May to September



Hortus garden library in Sélestat

Hortus Beatus garden in Selestat

Avenue de la Liberté

This garden is a tribute to the literary culture of Selestat and its famous library. Humanist. Located in the heart of the Espace Martel Catala, next to the former Banque de France (now the municipal archives), it invites you to relax and unwind. Hortus means garden in Latin, and Beatus refers to the emblematic humanist Beatus Rhénanus, who bequeathed his collection to the Humanist Library.

This garden is home to "Libre livre", a library made up of wooden books engraved with extracts from works.
A few benches invite you to rest and read. It's a well-hidden place where culture has germinated in the midst of cultures.

Open all year round: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday, 9am to 6pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.



Pretty orange dahlias from the dahlia garden in Sélestat

Dahlia Garden in Selestat

Cour des Soeurs de Niederbronn

Located in the courtyard of the Hôtel Saint-Lô, this garden features different types of dahlia, a reminder of the town of Sélestat's famous Corso Fleuri. Once through the gate, you'll discover a veritable carpet of multicoloured plants. Come closer and smell the delicate fragrance of the flowers...

In winter, it is transformed into a fir garden. Here you'll find different species of fir, in reference to the mention of the Christmas tree in a town account book dating back to 1521.
Whatever the season, the Dahlia/Fir Garden is sure to surprise you!

Open all year round: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Saturday, 9am to 6pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Roses and manor park in the ruins of Château de Kintzheim

Park garden of the ruins of the Château de Kintzheim

92 rue de la Liberté

This English-style garden is a listed Jardin Remarquable and a historic monument.

It was around 1802 that the future Baron of the Empire, Mathieu de Faviers, bought an old feudal castle situated on a foothill of the Vosges mountains, below which he had a manor house built.
Between the fortress and the manor house, he had a late 18th-century "tableau garden" laid out.
From the grounds of the manor house, you have a sublime view of the very well-preserved ruins of the Château de Kintzheim, which houses the Volerie des Aigles.

This garden is part of a private estate and is therefore only open to visitors on an exceptional basis. Not to be missed!

Next opening: In September 2024 for the European Heritage Days.


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