Carte d'hôtes

More than 70 AVANTAGES by presenting the card in many sites, restaurants ….


Who qualifies for one?
Anyone staying fir 1 night in hotels, campsites, seasonal rented accommodation, B&Bs or collective accommodation in the districts of Baldenheim, Châtenois, Dieffenthal, Ebersheim, Ebersmunster, Kintzheim, La Vancelle, Mussig, Muttersholtz, Orschwiller, Scherwiller and Sélestat.

Where do you get it?
The card will be supplied to you free of charge by your accommodation provider when you arrive or at the Tourist Office.

What about validity?
In order to be valid, it must have been accurately completed. It is only usable for the period of your stay, from 1 night upwards.

What sort of benefits does it offer?
The guestcard accors you more than 70 avantages. All you need to do is present your duly completed card or coupon at the reception/entrance of the site/department/ establishment concerned.

List of avantages