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The Romanesque bell tower is the oldest part, dating from the 13th century, while the Gothic heart of the church dates from the 14th century. This Catholic church was placed under the patronage of St Urbain (which is the case of the current Catholic church). In 1576, it became Protestant, due to the introduction of the Reformation by the Hanau-Lichtenberg family, lords of the Lords of Rathsamhausen.

In 1670, the church was burnt down (along with the village) by the troops of the King of France. Worship was resumed in 1681, after its restoration.

In 1684, the Simultaneum was established: the nave was given to the Protestants and the choir to the Catholics.

The present Romanesque nave dates from 1733.

In 1793, it became the "Temple of Reason".

In 1795, religious services could be resumed.

The Simultaneum was completed in 1891 with the construction of the Catholic church. It has been a Protestant church since that date.

In the course of the 20th century, the epitaphs on the walls, a quotation from Martin Luther on the inner wall of the bell tower towards the heart, and the ceiling mouldings were removed during a 'thorough' restoration.

The bells and organ pipes were requisitioned during the wars.

The Silbermann organ, which was in very poor condition, was replaced by a Ringenbach organ. The ARROM association proposes to restore it to its original state, with the support of the Commune.


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