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The church of St. Martin in Ebersheim was first mentioned in 1137. It was located near the chancel of the present church and was oriented from east to west. In 1767, a new church in the baroque style, like the famous abbey church of St. Maurice in Ebersmunster, was erected in a north-south direction.

This church was built by the contractor Balthasar Dorgler. The roofing with 3,250 tiles was carried out by J.-M. Riester. The doors, pews and confessionals are the work of Thomas Bat. St. Martin's Church was blessed in 1768 and consecrated in 1779.
The bulbous bell tower already existed, since it was built as early as 1753 by Mr. Schnäler from Grussenheim, for the old church. A clock was installed there from the beginning. In 1827, Jean-Baptiste Schwilgué was commissioned to build a new clock.

Until the end of the 19th century, the church was surrounded by a cemetery.
The present organ case dates from 1785. It is made of carved wood by Martin Bergäntzel from Ammershwihr and was classified as a historical monument on 11 January 1977. The high altar and the two altars dedicated to Joseph and Mary, classified as historical monuments on 4 February 1991, are remarkable.
On 23 October 1991, the chancel panelling in waxed oak from the 18th century, the oak sacristy cabinet from 1768, and the sandstone baptismal font with a gilded wooden cover, also from 1768, were listed.

The church as a whole was included in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments on 8 October 1984. The following items of furniture have been included in the same inventory since 11 July 1988:
- The 4 confessionals from the 18th century,
- The baptismal fonts from 1654 (former church),
- The two 18th century fonts,
- The painting of the Virgin and Child from the 19th century,
- 14 candlesticks and 2 crucifixes from the 19th century,
- The calvary from the 18th century,
- The 18th century Christ on the Cross,
- The inner Way of the Cross from the 19th century
- 2 reliquaries from the 19th century.


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    St. Martin's Church (Eglise Saint-Martin)

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