Orientieering - Intermediate route (Yellow)



The orientation is knowing how to find a map, read a legend, follow a route, find the tags, and this as quickly as possible. A playful discipline that combines the head and the legs!
But above all it is a game that young and old get caught, the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air on a beautiful playground that is the Lac Blanc.
If the blue circuit seemed easy, then you can try yellow. But beware it gets complicated, the card reading becomes more important not to make too many detours and a compass may be necessary.
The tags are in the middle of the forest and off the paths and paths ..

Map of the circuit on sale (1€) at the Auberge du Blancrupt (at the start of the circuits) or in the offices of the tourist office. Before visiting the site, remember to check the opening hours of the sales points, especially out of season.

 New: to prepare your stay, order your pack of 4 circuits (same departure, 1 different level of difficulty per circuit card) on our online shop by clicking here: pack of 4 orientation circuits at the Lac Blanc resort


Lieu de manifestation / de départ
Parking "Blancrupt inn"
1h30 min


From 27/04/2024 to 31/10/2024
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Orientieering - Intermediate route (Yellow)

Lieu-dit Blancrupt, 68370 Station du Lac Blanc 1200


2 Place du Dr Maurice Kubler
Maison du Parvis

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