Residence of Lazare Weiller (La Lieutenance)


Residence of Lazare Weiller (La Lieutenance)


At the very end of this cul-de-sac, you will certainly want to open the gate in order to get deeper into this sumptuous house named “la Lieutenance” (the name comes from the King’s Lieutenant who lived there in 1675). If you look a bit closer, you may see an Alsatian house on your right; you can imagine how Louise de Vilmorin wrote “Madame de” & “Julietta” there. As a matter of fact, you’re standing in front of the house of someone famous, Lazare Weiller: a pioneer in telecommunications and the founder of the “Compagnie Générale de l'Aviation”, which will become “Air France” later on. The house currently still belongs to his family.


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Residence of Lazare Weiller (La Lieutenance)

Rue du Babil, 67600 Selestat