Les Canoës du Ried



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Come and discover "l'Alsace au fil de l'eau" in a Canadian family canoe or in a single-seater canoe kayak through different formulas: 1 day canoe trip (25 km), 1 day canoe trip (15 km), morning canoe trip (10 km), afternoon canoe trip (15 km) and afternoon canoe trip (10 km).

Specialised in hiking in autonomy, the programme includes the descent of the Ill river with the crossing of the voluntary nature reserve of the town of Sélestat (the Illwald forest) but also the discovery hike of the many rivers that cross the Grand Ried of Central Alsace.

After the hike, enjoy an overnight stay in an Indian teepee (mainly for groups) around the fire after a barbecue or a round of flambéed pies made by you or one of our partners.

We invite you to book in advance, via our website (online booking module with availability updated every hour), by telephone according to reception hours (open switchboard) or at our base in Sélestat.

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Les Canoës du Ried

35 route de Marckolsheim, 67600 Selestat


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Maison du Parvis

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