Stroller circuit - Little tour of the Faudé



A small forest walk for children and adults ? 30 minutes of forest path sheltered from the heat, and accessible by mountain bike for older children who no longer need a stroller!

Discover the Faudé Tower massif without any difficulty by taking the path that starts from the parking lot.

Take the path which leaves on the left of the information panel, by following the "red ring" marking on approximately 2km. 

Dénivelé (en m): 36m
Longueur du circuit (en Km): 1,73 Km
Niveau de difficulté: Suitable for everyone
Type de sentier / circuit:
hiking path
Lieu de la manifestation/de départ:
Parking of the Faudé tower
Durée: 30 min

Tracé KML

Stroller circuit - Little tour of the Faudé

Tour du Faudé, 68650 Lapoutroie


2 Place du Dr Maurice Kubler
Maison du Parvis

Tel. +33 (0)3 88 58 87 20