Weasel Trail



In the Ried Gris, the landscape is made up of a group of wet meadows bordered by hedges and groves. From time to time small forests intersect this landscape. Many rivers flow through the prairies. But it is the seasonal floods that bring all the originality to this environment. Throughout your journey, reading tables will allow you to understand the history of the Ried in a simple and entertaining way.

Trail marked by the Club Vosgien. Contact: Club Vosgien de Sélestat-Haut Koenigsbourg www.club-vosgien-selestat-hk.com IGN Club Vosgien 1/25000 map: 3717ET Sélestat/Ribeauvillé.

Altitude (en m): 167m
Longueur du circuit (en Km): 1,9 Km
Niveau de difficulté: Suitable for everyone
Type de sentier / circuit:
self-guided nature trail
Lieu de la manifestation/de départ:
Maison de la Nature du Ried et de l'Alsace Centrale
Durée: 30 min

Tracé KML

Weasel Trail

, 67600 Muttersholtz