Path of the Rocks in Dieffenthal


Path of the Rocks in Dieffenthal


The rocky circuit is a real "wild" ecosystem.

An isolated rocky island in the heart of the vineyard, this geological site is separated from the mountain by a deeply indented gorge. It takes the form of a chaos of granitic rocks - two-mica granite known as Dambach granite - on the edge of the Vosges massif, a few dozen metres from the fault that separates the Vosges from the Rhine Graben. This is the best example in Alsace of "ball granite" erosion, due to the circulation of water in the network of rock cracks.

Departure is in front of the church. A small circuit of 45 minutes marked with a blue ring and a large circuit marked with a yellow ring.

Not accessible by pushchair

Altitude (en m): 250m
Dénivelé (en m): 60m
Longueur du circuit (en Km): 3 Km
Niveau de difficulté: Easy
Type de sentier / circuit:
geology path , hiking path
Lieu de la manifestation/de départ:
In front of the church in Dieffenthal
Durée: 2h

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Path of the Rocks in Dieffenthal

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