The Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg region offers an exciting selection of colourful landscapes. Each colour has its own atmosphere and characteristics! Come along and discover them!

Château du Haut-Koenisbourg - OT de Sélestat


… of the Vosges range in the background, a hilly landscape of castles and forests. It includes in particular the "must see" castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg, not to mention Monkey Mountain and the Eagle Park. Where else in the space of a day can you visit a mountain castle, get close to a Barbary ape and watch birds of prey in flight?
For the sporty types among you numerous marked-out trails offer a chance to discover some amazing views across the plains.
La Vancelle - Kintzheim - Orschwiller

Scherwiller - OT de Sélestat


… of the Vosges sandstone used on a small church, or the bright pink of the geraniums on the balconies of the half-timbered houses. Here, the splashes of colour remind you that you are in picturesque Alsace, with the Wine Route and its villages in bloom. It weaves its way through the vineyards and the areas of Châtenois, Dieffenthal, Kintzheim, Orchwiller and Scherwiller. As you explore a wine trail, call in to meet the wine growers and don't forget to try our superb Praelatenberg grand cru.
ChâtenoisScherwiller - Dieffenthal 

Le ried - OT de Sélestat


… of the grasslands and the huge forests with their rich and fragile flora. An area partly covered by abundant vegetation resembling a small jungle, in the very heart of the Alsatian plain. This area so rich in nature is the Ried, an unexpected and rather surprising region. The term Ried comes from the Alemannic word "Rieth" which means bulrush (reed). It today also applies to the landscapes of the floodplain meadows and the dense forests.
To be discovered during a walk in the Illwald, a regional nature reserve near Sélestat, or in a rather more unusual way on a barefoot walk along the SensoRied Trail in Muttersholtz.
If you love nature and wide open spaces, come and take a walk on the wild side!
Baldenheim - Ebersheim - Ebersmunster - Mussig - Muttersholtz


… that of old stones, bearing witness to centuries gone by. Whether you're looking for Gothic, Romanesque or Renaissance art, in Sélestat you'll find an outstanding concentration of monuments and styles from various periods. It should come as no surprise to learn that this town is being considered for the prestigious "town of art and history" label. Following the footprints of the giant Sletto and a lion’s paw prints, you’ll discover a magical atmosphere packed with legends and history.
In Sélestat, the ancient buildings blend in harmoniously with more recent architecture.
This is the beating heart of the Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg Region.


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