Carte d'hôtes

25 BENEFITS by presenting the card in many sites, restaurants ….


Who qualifies for one?
Anyone staying in hotels, campsites, seasonal rented accommodation, B&Bs or collective accommodation in the districts of Baldenheim, Châtenois, Dieffenthal, Ebersheim, Ebersmunster, Kintzheim, La Vancelle, Mussig, Muttersholtz, Orschwiller, Scherwiller and Sélestat.

Where do you get it?
The card will be supplied to you free of charge by your accommodation provider when you arrive.

What about validity?
In order to be valid, it must have been accurately completed. It is only usable for the period of your stay, from 2 nights upwards.

What sort of benefits does it offer?
You qualify for the benefits shown on the front. All you need to do is present your duly completed card or coupon at the reception/entrance of the site/department/ establishment concerned.

Establishment concerned :

Restaurants : 1 free aperitif or coffee or Syrup
Auberge Meisenberg - Châtenois / Restaurant la Vignette - ChâtenoisBrasserie artisanale - Bierstub du Ried - MuttersholtzA la Couronne - Scherwiller / La ville de Reims – Sélestat / Saïgon - Sélestat / Bistrot du Marché (INTERMARCHÉ) - Sélestat / La Pommeraie - Sélestat / Brasserie Chez Youpel - Sélestat

Museum :
La Maison du Distillateur – Châtenois (Full price admission: euros2 instead of euros4; reduced price children aged 12/17 years old: euro1 instead of euros2) / Maison du Pain d’Alsace – Sélestat (Admission: euros3 instead of euros4.70 · Free to 16 years old) / Château du haut-Koenigsbourg - Orschwiller (Admission : adult : euros7 instead of euros9 · Children (6-17 years : euros4 instead of euros5)

Aktivitäten :
Piscine des remparts – Sélestat (Admission to the pool: Adult: euros4 instead of euros5 · Child: euros2 instead of euros3.) / Office de Tourisme Intercommunal - Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg (Location de vélos à assistance électrique (VAE) : Electrically assisted bicycle hire : Price per bicycle per day: euros15 instead of euros20

Winzer :
5% discount
Domaine Koehly – Kintzheim / Alsace Frey Sohler – ScherwillerDomaine Claude et Christophe Bléger - Orschwiller / Vins Blumstein - Domaine Edelweiss - Châtenois / Domaine Zimmermann - Orschwiller

Shopping :
5% discount
Moulin Kircher - Bistrot et magasin - EbersheimBoulangerie-Pâtisserie Hurstel-Koenig – Sélestat / Boucherie Koenig - Sélestat / Boulangerie Stirn Jean-François - Châtenois / Intermarche Route de Strasbourg Carrefour Maison Rouge - Sélestat (5% discount
from 50euros purchase)

Verkehr :
Transport Intercommunal de Sélestat et Transport à la Demande (Free transport on the TIS inter-municipal transport network)