Ramparts and Vineyards trails - Scherwiller


Ramparts and Vineyards trails - Scherwiller
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The stone in this region has been shaped by glaciers but also by the Celts, Romans and the winemakers. Stone marks out these discovery routes in some rather unusuel ways. It also gives the wines of this region their distinctive aroma. Stones, walls, castles and winehouses all bear witness to the history of the region, and are landmarks for the walker along this route which has some exceptional views over the plain of Alsace, and also some rather unexpected landscapes..... The villages of Dieffenthal, Scherwiller and Châtenois lie in the shadow of the iconic granite silhouette of the Ortenbourg Castle and offer three different routes with 15 discovery spots next to famous tourist sites such as the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle.
Type d'équipement/lieux d'activités
Discovery Trail Heritage
Longueur du circuit (en Km): 7,8 Km
Niveau de difficulté: Suitable for everyone
Lieu de la manifestation/de départ
Chapelle du Taennelkreuz (Taennelkreuz Chapel)
Durée: 3h

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Ramparts and Vineyards trails - Scherwiller

Chapelle du Taennelkreuz, 67750 Scherwiller